A granola that really does taste good

That’s how it all started. Based on my experience in the world of elite sports and my keen interest in health, I was fully aware of the benefits of granola and how it can help people bring out the best in themselves. But all the granolas I tasted fell short of my expectations: not enough flavour, big chunks, not enough nuts, too many nuts. That’s why I decided to start making my own granola. When I asked other people to taste my granola, it soon became clear that mine was different. That’s why I decided to take it one step further.

I set out in search of potential sales outlets, with a few bags of granola in a wicker basket, bursting with enthusiasm and the desire to make people happy. And I kept going, from one sales outlet to another, and from one experience milestone to another. Soon one flavour became six flavours, and I added granola bars and chocolate bars to my range.

You can now buy my granola in more than x sales outlets in 4 countries and enjoy it at more than x great catering establishments. Fortunately, our Daphné is also on hand to help me supply everyone with enough granola!

But the story doesn’t end here. There is a reason why I often use the slogan #wegofurther on my social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where this story will take us.

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